Located in Sandringam with three indoor beach courts, Insportz Sandringham is one of the premier destinations to play and learn the art of beach volleyball. Catering for all levels we have coaching available in both group and private forms from some of the best coaches in Australia. Believing that you don't have to be tall to play volleyball, we'll teach you how to hit no matter what height you are, set so that you pass to your partner's hitting zone and read defence so that you can attempt to manipulate your opposition rather than the other way around.

Group training is run by Chris Burns, a ten year veteran on the Australian circuit. It is mixed gender and is available at the following times:

Tuesday 4:30-6 : AA/AAA session
Friday 5-6:30 : AA session
Saturday 8:30-10 : Open grade skills session (all skill levels welcome)
Saturday 10-11:30 : AA game play session

Each group session is $15.

Also available in group format at Insportz is Beach Play's U/16 junior development program run on Mondays 4:30-6.

Private sessions are also run at Insportz by a range of coaches. Chris is available at various times on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday whilst Sandra Carter and Haydn Ellis also run a lot of private sessions down here.

For more information please call Chris either at Insportz on 95322226 or on his mobile on 0433956403.

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